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How optimized is your expense management system?

Optimizing company spending is a must for all organizations that want to save money and time.  We, at Jenji, created a special assessment for you, that can help you to understand if you need to optimize your expense management system or not.

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Jenji Talks series is back



Founders, Managers, and Experts share their vision and explain how Tech is transforming our modern time.



Exclusive discussions with successful women working in finance and sharing their passion and expertise.

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How data is shaping the future of expense management?

In the last decade, companies faced the importance of introducing sustainability in business spending, looking into business expenses in particular. It isn’t just about complying with regulations, but about moving forward with digitization. VAT reclaim, and mileage receipts are the new normal with what companies have to deal with daily.

How does AI help companies with expense management? What are the current expense management trends?

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"Jenji collected nearly 300 survey responses from across APAC"

Late 2021 Jenji launched the expense management survey in APAC region. On January 27th the survey findings were reviewed by a leading global news provider "Newswire", who discussed the insights and key findings of Jenji Survey in the following article. "2021 Jenji collected nearly 300 survey responses from across APAC, with almost 60% respondents in finance functions such as accountants, financial controllers and HR managers who have direct insights into their company's expense practices. Most of the responses came from Singapore, China, Thailand and the Philippines, and the majority of the companies have less than 1,000 employees." Read this article to find out more information about key findings from Expense management survey.

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Jenji CSR report

Responsibility & Sustainability engagements

We are pleased to present Jenji’s first annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report, detailing our continuous progress in connecting the company to the world and enabling individuals, businesses, and economies to thrive.

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Discover green finance strategy

Green Finance Strategy as a new driver

Aligning the financial system with a sustainable future will bring real benefits to the environment and society. It is an opportunity to boost economic growth, create jobs, and level up the regions.

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5 Best Expense Management Practices

As governments in many parts of the world ease Covid-19 restrictions and more employees return to the workplace, businesses must adjust quickly to the massive shift in expectations. The pandemic fast-forwarded remote work and digitalisation trends, and staff now look for more support and transparency from their company. Forward-looking organisations recognise that establishing smooth, technology-driven processes is essential to creating a productive, positive employee experience and efficient, more sustainable business operations. 

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