Jenji Vault, our paperless solution

With the acceleration of the digital transformation, it is almost mandatory to process information differently. The benefits of dematerialisation are numerous. It saves time and storage space, but also printing and carbon emissions.


A simpler and more eco-friendly management

By processing paper invoices digitally, it is possible to drastically reduce the ecological impact of your company. Keeping and archiving invoices is no longer necessary. Jenji Vault automatically transmits all receipts to your electronic vault. 


A legal compliance

Jenji Vault allows you to comply with the legal framework. The documents are kept according to the rules described in the Book of Tax Procedures, and for a legal period of 6 years. The digitised documents are stored in PDF format in an EAS (Electronic Archiving System) certified to standards. They are thus captured and handled in a process that complies with regulatory requirements.

e-archiving solution

Jenji Vault

The receipts processed are enforceable against third party like the Tax Office. Digital evidence with regular audits is available to attest to the integrity of the information provided during an audit.



Jenji Vault in 3 words


The reproduction of documents is guaranteed to be identical (no image processing or compression)


The files are preserved after digitisation (time-stamping, electronic signature, etc.)


Digital archiving is carried out by a mandated third party

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