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Expense Management Toolkit

Wondering how to reimburse your employees and what VAT can be recovered? Are you tired of wasting your time looking for expense management information? No worries! Jenji collected all needed information for you in the following toolkit !

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How optimized is your company’s expense management system?

Optimizing company spending is a must for all organizations that want to save money and time. Here is our assessment , that can help you to understand if you need to optimise your expense management system or not.

Everything you need to know about expense management solution

Usage of solution

Why is good business expense management important?

Expense reporting software makes it more efficient to manage claims, especially with its automation and paperless receipts. Its many advantages include...

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Choosing solution

What to consider when choosing an expense management solution?

With companies digitising all around, it is high time to pick a smart and efficient expense management solution. However, there are several criteria to consider before you choose…

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Effective methods

How can you implement an effective method for managing expense claims?

The main thing is to find a method that suits your business, which will allow your employees and your accounting department to be faster and more efficient.  You want to know more?

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Are you looking for relevant statistics?

In Jenji Index you can find figures that show the evolution of the business expense management in companies. Habits, usage patterns, trends, types of expenses... everything is presented.

In the first audition there is focus on following topics: the sectorial gap, the two side of Business travel, the digital acceleration.

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Features you can have with expense management solution

OCR software

Expense management solution provide you with the OCR software, that can convert scanned documents into searchable files instantly.

Find out how it works and what your options are, so you can choose the right OCR software for your business.

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Rolling forecast

Forecasting is a technique used by medium-sized and large organisations that leverages historic data to make informed predictions on the direction of future trends.

How implementing a rolling forecast will benefit your business?

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Digital archiving

Digital archiving refers to the storage of documents on a computer-readable digital data carrier. This can involve paper-based documents, but documents that already exist in digital form can also be archived, for example, e-mails. 

Why going paperless is important for your company?

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Resources Centre

Learn more about expense management

What is a Green Finance Strategy and why is it essential for your enterprise?

In stark contrast to five years ago, sustainability and climate-change risks are very high on the corporate agenda these days. It has become a priority for enterprise communication and chief executives. So, we can see today how institutions increased their green commitments in 2020, compared to 2019. At a more granular level, in 2020, cumulative green finance commitments surpassed the $1 trillion mark since the Paris Agreement was signed. This is a major milestone, which materializes the ability to deliver on unprecedented flows of green finance. Adaptation finance continued to grow, increasing by 42% over 2019 and more than fivefold compared to 2016 to reach $27.5 billion. Here comes the questions: why is there a growing interest in green finance strategy and what does it mean for your company?

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Get Your VAT Money Back

Companies globally are missing out on USD20 billion of reclaimable value-added tax (VAT), also known as goods and services tax (GST). Yes – 20 billion US dollars. This money belongs to companies, so why would they forfeit refunds that tax authorities owe them? 

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What We Learned from Experts in Jenji Talks interviews

In 2021 a lot has changed in the world of SaaS. SaaS solutions are definitely taking over the world and penetrating all spheres of business. Jenji thought about it and produced a video series with five experts from the technology industry to share their experiences. Due to a series of interviews with  leaders and entrepreneurs, Jenji explored current tendencies in finance and technology, as well as what the modern workplace means for the people who occupy it.  Our goal was to look behind the scenes of the technology industry and see the real humans, who are driving the whole process and pursuing their dreams. 

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How Finance Digitisation Transformed Roles in a Company

According to Gartner, in the early 2000s, "digital" was among the top five priorities of executives for only 2.1 percent of companies surveyed, whereas today it is a priority for one in five companies. The percentage of companies with a digital strategy has increased from 62 percent in 2018 to 82 percent in 2019, Gartner confirms, estimating that 90 percent of today's companies have already experienced various types of disruption in their business models. And that's why we can see a trend that has been observed for the past several years: the digitisation in finance.

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