Jenji and Security

Since our inception, keeping data completely secure has been a fundamental objective for our teams.


At Jenji, we have developed a set of measures that guarantee the security of all your data. Our internal policy in terms of security is summarized by its important points; encryption and storage of your data, assistance and follow-up of incidents and finally in the choice of our subcontractors.

Jenji Policy

At Jenji, we have implemented precise and formalized rules in our Security Assurance Plan. Every member of the Jenji team is aware of the importance of data security. Our technical architecture allows us to trace and log each event, and is also associated with an alert system for abnormal reasons.

Data encryption

The applications are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland and France, whether production, pre-production or development instances; the same goes for the backups, which are kept according to current best practices. To ensure your privacy, data we collect are instantly encrypted by our servers and are completely anonymous upon registration.

Each piece of data, whether sensitive or not, is only accessible by the registrant himself and, depending on the case, by certain people in the client company, according to the account configuration elements (which can be traced in the settings).

Apart from specific requests from our customer to our support in order to assist them in using the platform, no data is manipulated by our teams within the processing chain, which is completely automated.

Hosting and data storage

In order to comply with our very demanding security policy, as well as the operating conditions set up by the GDPR, data hosting and storage is located on platforms in Europe, in Dublin, Ireland, as well as in Paris, France, which allows us to comply with the EU Data Protection Directive.

No data transfers are made outside the European Union. Jenji will not resell the data stored on our platform.

Follow up

In the event of an incident, our development team is informed of the procedures to be followed in order to solve, but also to analyze the incident. All events are stored and regularly audited by the technology of our main hosting server, AWS Cloud Trail, and we have also created our own detection batches.

Every 6 months, we perform a pentest, consisting of a Black Box and a Gray Box component. At the same time, our Key Account customers have their own audits carried out to ensure compliance with security obligations. We respond to at least one audit per quarter.


Jenji also surrounds itself with subcontractors with a clear and reinforced security policy in order to guarantee its users an excellent level of data protection. Service Cloud for incident management, Intercom for managing client messaging, AWS for hosting and storing data on clouds, and finally Docaposte, for the archiving of supporting documents with evidential value.