Yanmar Construction Equipment

Yanmar Construction Equipment was founded in Japan in 1912, and the quality of its machines quickly bring it world-famous notoriety in the manufacture of construction equipment. In 2010, the company expanded into Europe and became a leading figure in the market.

Employees in demand of an automated and intuitive solution

Yanmar previously used another solution that had become outdated: it did not support automated expense input or automated integration with their complex accounting software.

Following a call for vendors, Jenji’s flexibility and adaptability have convinced Yanmar. Jenji’s solution is dynamic by its intuitive mobile application and its embedded artificial intelligence. It makes the employees’ lives easier because it allows them to manage their expenses as they come, from anywhere, and with just a few clicks. Moreover, the application can be customized to Yanmar’s needs, an important asset to integrate efficiently with the company’s Sage accounting software.


Perfect administrative integration

One of Yanmar’s main demand was the automated integration of live currency rates into accounting exports. A multiple currency refund module was custom developed by our teams.
Yanmar uses Sage X3, a complex and sophisticated ERP software suite. The refund module integrated perfectly with it and also allowed to transcribe the accounting entries from several countries in order to recover international VAT.


Custom settings for easy refunds

Since Jenji’s solution was implemented, there has been real progress in the speed and reliability of refunds. The employees don’t have to wait for a month anymore: they are refunded in real-time. Everything is now managed electronically. It saves time, and the employees enjoy being freed from paperwork.


A convinced French subsidiary: Conquering Germany

Having witnessed Jenji’s successful implementation in Yanmar’s French branch, the German one also wishes to adopt this solution. Studies are being conducted to take into account the specificities and complexities of German law for complying with legal requirements.

Yanmar France is also in demand for expenses analyses and reports, and they could be interested by our new module, Jenji Studio.

Make professional expenses management easier by choosing Jenji.


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