MAN Truck & Bus

The German group MAN Truck & Bus is one of the leading European companies in the transportation-engineering sector. The company mostly sells trucks and buses, and seeks to make transportation companies more profitable by reducing costs and providing efficient after-sales service.

A company looking for an innovative and international solution

MAN Truck & Bus’s expense management used to be very inefficient and labour-intensive.
This lack of optimization was problematic for the company as it entailed important financial losses.

After reviewing existing solutions and calling for tenders, the French branch MAN was persuaded to adopt Jenji’s flexible, quick and intuitive solution. Intuitiveness was a primordial asset, since MAN was looking for a solution that would make expense management easier for salespersons traveling in France and abroad.


Jenji’s adaptable solution makes it possible to manage 36 different types of expenses

The solution was smoothly integrated into MAN’s accounts management and, importantly, it was easily connected to the company’s complex IS, which contains all the necessary information for adding employees into Jenji.

To make professional expense management more efficient, the company sought to free itself from paper receipts and invoices. The Jenji Vault solution, in collaboration with Docaposte, completely fulfilled their expectations.


A quick and substantial benefit: 390 employees rapidly refunded

Integrating Jenji into their SAP accounts management software allowed MAN to save considerable time, especially regarding VAT recovery. Thus, in only 5 months, over 7000 input expenses were processed for more than 390 employees. Expense control has also been made much easier by the possibility to cap expenses and to detect duplicates – and disputes are now much rare.


Still new evolutions in sight

Thanks to its collaboration with Jenji, MAN has greatly gained in efficiency – and the company won’t stop there. Encouraged by Jenji’s excellent customer service and reliable teams – who are always at hand – MAN will continue to upgrade its solution so that it can meet new needs.

Business expenses, which were until then managed by the company’s travel agency, will soon be integrated into the process. Moreover, a specific constraint imposed by the French social security agency (URSSAF) – which is already implemented in the web version – will soon be available on mobile: calculating the minimum distance between the employee’s workplace and their lunch place, to control whether their food expense can be authorised.


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