APR Europe

APR – Europe has established itself as an authority for racing tyres since 1999. It provides expert service in the field of road racing.

They are involved in various competitions around the world and in France (24h du Mans, Paris-Dakar, Carrera Cup France...).

  • 70 employees
  • 30K€ annual expenditure
  • 2 days per month won

APR Europe improves the daily life of its employees on the move around the world


APR Europe was looking for an international solution. They needed one that could handle different currencies and that would make foreign expenses management easier for their employees.


Employees in demand for an efficient international solution

APR has 70 employees who work across three continents (Europe, North America and Oceania). Their foreign expenses range from €20,000 to €35,000 each month.
Whether it was the employees or the accounting department, everything was manually managed.

APR Europe’s human resources manager, Sébastien Armand, admits that things were very different before Jenji was involved. It could take three days for an expense claim to reach the accounting department, and a full week to deal with it.

This process was a huge waste of time and money, and a great dissatisfaction for the employees because they could never track their expenses. An automated solution was necessary, and it was Jenji’s ability to adapt that convinced APR Europe.


Global adaptation: managing more than 56 currencies simultaneously


Jenji simultaneously handles more than 56 currencies around the world. The solution allows APR Europe to instantly convert currencies. It applies the exchange rate in real time and eliminates currency reprocessing.

Moreover, thanks to the native integration with its accounting ERP, Sage, APR Europe was able to automate its whole accounting process.

Since the installation of Jenji mobile app, employees got caught up in the game of expenses management. The simple and intuitive user experience has made it easy for them to accept a change in their process.

The management of professional fees is now done on a daily basis, and not in a rush before the end of the month.

Make professional expense management easier by choosing Jenji.


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