French Rugby Federation

About the French Rugby Federation

The French Rugby Federation is a non-profit organization. Its goal is to promote and organize amateur rugby throughout France, and to support French teams.

  • Sector: sports
  • Head Office: Paris, Île-de-France

Managing individual invitations


The FFR’s activity presents a unique challenge. They manage the expenses of a community that is large (>10,000 members), extremely varied (doctors, coaches, players, interns, etc.) and that frequently travels both in and out of France. Each expense must be linked to the right manager using the budget code specified on the invitation. Before Jenji got involved, internal teams were doing this manually and they then had to send each expense to the relevant service.

Jenji’s project teams managed to develop an automated process addressing the FFR’s specific needs. To do this, they relied on Jenji’s mobile integration and its ability to set up dynamic workflows. Each user can check their phone to find all their invitations and link expenses to them easily.

Every expense is automatically sent to the right budget manager for validation (using the analytical axes). Once it’s verified, this data is integrated into the Federation’s ERP software.


Setting up custom connectors for the FFR

The FFR’s accounting context is very specific. Jenji needed to adapt to it perfectly. To this end, they set up a dedicated connector, which enabled them to retrieve the data from every invitation created within the FFR’s internal system.

When an expense is filed, the member, doctor, or any other person cleared by the FFR can access their personal data only. It is then linked to the analytical axes and made available for the month-end closing process.


Saving time by automating accounts management

Jenji’s solution was rolled out very progressively. A panel of test users quickly recognized the solution was technically sound and that it integrated perfectly with the FFR’s accounting system.
Automation allowed the head office to be relieved of a time-wasting and fastidious task.


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