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How to Track Your Small Business Expenses in 4 Easy Steps

Sometimes it is a real struggle for many small businesses to keep operating costs under control. In fact, paying operating expenses was the most common financial problem identified in the Federal Reserve's Small Business Lending Survey, with 47 percent of business owners saying they would be forced to use personal funds if revenue was not received within two months.

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5 Signs That Expense Claim Fraud Might Be Occurring In Your Enterprise

You may not know, but organizations around the world lose approximately 5% of their revenue to employee fraud and occupational abuse each year. And while the scope of employee theft and position abuse cannot be understated, it’s important to act right at the core of this issue. That’s the only way to prevent occupational theft in the future. But how to recognize the fraud in your enterprise? Here are 5 signs that can help you with it! 

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The weak points of Excel for corporate finance processes

When we look at the history, MS Excel was released by Microsoft way back in 1985 and it is fair to say that Excel has transformed the world of accounting and business in that time. But since then the world has changed dramatically and according to the Wall Street Journal, a lot of large companies are phasing out Microsoft Excel nowadays¹. CFOs of such companies like Adobe or ABM Industries complain that their employees take too much time to work with Excel accounting spreadsheets.

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