"Building Jenji in Asia is a great challenge."

Today we want to share with you the second episode of Jenji Insights: Interview with our team member. In the monthly interview series, you can go behind the scenes of Jenji to learn more about the people that make it happen.

Today our guest is Chee Leong, Head of APAC Region, based in Singapore.

What is your career path? What did you do before joining Jenji?

My career path started right after receiving my degree at the University of Bradford and it was always in the Sales/Business Development division. I started my sales/business development career with Canon. I was servicing the large enterprises for more than 4 years. Right before joining Jenji in December 2020, I worked for three years as VP of ASIA in a company called “Pageup”, which is a SAAS based talent management platform. My tasks included overseeing the Asian market, re-training and developing existing team members, being responsible for direct sales and so on.
Due to my gained experience from previous workplaces, I already was aware of the fintech world and SAAS industry, that's why I felt that Jenji was the right decision for me.

Why did you join Jenji?

My reason for joining Jenji was a big interest in the product and interest in the giving opportunity of building the Jenji brand here, in Singapore from scratch. I am convinced that the fintech market will be growing a lot in Asia shortly and Jenji has a lot of potential. So when I came across the opportunity to work at Jenji and build brand awareness for APAC, it gave me excitement!

Describe to us please what your working day looks like? 

I enjoy a working day that is filled with business meetings with my customers, partners and potential clients. I make sure that I allocate time during the week with our team from France to discuss our action plan or ongoing projects, for example, this year Jenji participated in a few online conferences in Asia. Speaking generally, my tasks include recruiting a team, building partnerships on the Asian market and focusing on formalising the progress made or the difficulties encountered. I also specifically block time in my calendar for planning and thinking/strategising the next steps.

What is your biggest challenge as Head of APAC region?

I think that the biggest challenge and also excitement for me is to have patience by bringing Jenji vision to the APAC region. I understand that it always takes time to build a team and strong partnerships in Asia and I don't worry, because we are going in the right direction!

If you could speak to future Jenji candidates, what would you say?

Jenji has a lot of potential, it is a scale up that has very good innovations and solutions. As a scale up, there are a lot of things to be put in place and uncharted waters to explore. I would say that the future candidates need to have a strong sense of entrepreneurship and ownership, and interest in the fintech industry. In my opinion, these are two most important points to mention. They will then enjoy their work and obviously have plenty to learn from.

What are your future goals?

Speaking about professional goals, there are a lot on my list and they all are related to creating a strong image of Jenji products in the APAC region. And my personal goal is to be consistent with  my sports routine. I love Thai boxing and I am working hard to get myself back in shape. 

What is your life motto?

My life motto is actually very simple : work hard towards your goals.


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