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Power Distance up to 5000 km. Distance from 5001 km. up to 20000 km. Distance from 20001 km. Diesel Gasoline LPG
3 HP up to 5000 km: d x 0.41 from 5001 km up to 20000 km: (d x 0.245) + 824 from 20001 km : d x 0.286 Diesel: 0.064 Gasoline: 0.089 LPG: 0.059
4 HP up to 5000 km: d x 0.493 from 5001 km up to 20000 km: (d x 0.277) + 1082 from 20001 km : d x 0.332 Diesel: 0.064 Gasoline: 0.089 LPG: 0.059
5 HP up to 5000 km: d x 0.543 from 5001 km up to 20000 km: (d x 0.305) + 1188 from 20001 km : d x 0.364 Diesel: 0.078 Gasoline: 0.11 LPG: 0.073


Power Distance up to 3000 km. Distance from 3001 km. up to 6000 km. Distance from 6001 km.
1 or 2 CV up to 3000 km: d x 0.338 from 3001 km up to 6000 km: (d x 0.084) + 760 from 6001 km : d x 0.211


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