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To support its rapid growth, Jenji has adopted a Partner-led model. The Jenji Partner Program (JPP) is simple, predictable, and profitable, providing partners with a complete growth path, performance-based incentives and a clear discount structure.

Program Benefits

Participating partners receive proven sales resources, enhanced enablement and training tools, and strong local relationships that help build a successful practice with Jenji solutions.

Performance-based incentives

Tier-based discounts and deal protection to drive sales and boost earnings

Incentives linked to value-added activities

Finder’s fees and influence incentives

Special access

Sales and technical training + use of the online Jenji Partner Portal

Marketing support

Personalized marketing plan to help drive leads

Program Requirements

We make it easy for you to deal with us. Our Partner Program for Referral Partners and Resellers is free, without a booking commitment. We only need your expertise and good will to develop business with an exciting French Fintech!

Become a partner

More Partner Opportunities

OEM Partners

Companies that integrate or embed Jenji into existing solutions for more powerful applications

Become an OEM partner

Technology Partner Program

Complementary technology vendors who expand coverage, extend reach, and add value to Jenji for customers

Become a Technology Partner

Country Reseller

Additional new Country Resellers in a few regions of the world

Become a Country Reseller

BPO and Resellers

Companies that promote, sell and implement Jenji to their customers

Become a Reseller

Vina Toh, Director of Stone Forest payroll division

"We are pleased to integrate Jenji’s solutions with our PayDay! HRMS and help elevate SMEs to the next level. Besides the productivity gains, the digitalization will also put SMEs in good stead to better appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy millennial workforce who will lean towards environmentally conscious firms and a paperless work environment."


Become a partner

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