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HRM, CRM, ERP... Jenji connects all your platform and tools so that you can focus on insights instead of manual data integration.


Jenji's integrations system

Jenji's integration approach allows you to connect easily with the integrations suiting your company's needs. Our flexible and robust APIs and ERP connectors ensure a seamless connection to external systems and applications. No need to spend months on a new integration, our team develops custom coding for a straightforward integration. The deployment is simple and avoids long and heavy processes. You can finally get the data you want where you need it.


Get value fast with our native integrations

Jenji provides deeply-configurable connectors for both API-enabled and file-based ERP systems. Jenji generates the expense GL entries with full control over the output and synchronizes your ERP accordingly. Jenji also can be set up to automatically synchronize some specific data from your ERP, like cost centers or analytical accounting.
With Jenji you can be sure your ERP system of record always has the most accurate expense data, in exactly the way you want it to.

Jenji can connect to your CRM platform. This enables you to thoroughly examine and better understand your sales team's spending patterns. You can correlate customer revenues directly with travel costs, food and accommodation expenses and thus create precise analyzes of procurement and sales costs.

With Jenji you can analyze these reports either directly in Jenji or in your CRM, depending on which tool you are familiar with!

Jenji connects to your existing employee system of record so you can benefit from a turnkey solution. With Jenji, you can focus on what matters: rolling out your expense digital transformation throughout your enterprise and ensuring employees are both productive and happy.
With Jenji you can benefit from an easy staged deployment while ensuring your Human Resources management platform remains the reference.

Jenji provides integrations with a number of enterprise productivity tools, such as messaging or digital workplace platforms, file sharing, etc.

With Jenji you can align with your digital transformation goals and deliver a great employee experience!

Jenji automatically connects to your card providers' native feeds and retrieves your transactions, either in real-time if supported or at your defined rate. Jenji analyzes both your expense stream and transaction stream to automatically match and score them. You don't have to search for inconsistencies, errors, mislabeled or miscategorized expenses anymore, Jenji automatically surfaces the relevant warnings for you.

With Jenji you can easily make sure you get a 100% receipt coverage and correct data!

Jenji integrates with your travel booking platform so you can get a great expense management experience while continuing to use your travel provider. You can even integrate with multiple online booking tools (OBT / SBT) if your global enterprise has different preferred partners throughout the world.
Jenji can also with specific partners automatically retrieve the invoices and match them for example to your lodge cards.

With Jenji, you gain full understanding of your travel and expense spend!

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