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Go beyond simple expense processing and gain real-time data availability, coherence, and visibility through automated financial analysis.
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Explore data

Clean and accurate data is essential for generating useful and reliable insight. As a business, you can attain data from many sources. These sources can be expense reports, corporate credit card statements, finance departments, and also third-party supplier records. It needs appropriate governance and must be collected from a wide range of relevant sources (including external) to allow organizations to measure their value beyond purely financial goals.


Transform data into actionable insights

Increasingly, the most successful finance functions will be those that can drive real business impact through creative analysis of multiple data sets. The emerging automation of day-to-day transactional processes can improve accuracy and efficiency, while AI and machine learning can be used to better predict and mitigate risk Cloud-based enterprise systems, like CRM, ERP or HRIS, are connected data lakes and enable finance teams to generate more robust forecasts and provide deeper real-time business insights.


Drive efficiency

Data can be used to improve the efficiency of a diverse range of business and operational processes. As your company continues to grow, it’s crucial to optimize the percentage of expenses and make every dollar in your budget count.

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What you can expect from an expense management software

Centralize and consolidate data

Currency, expense categories, an employee spends, etc.

Analyze and convert data

Into any readable format.

Accelerate your expense management process

By cutting down manual labor and work.

Map out possible future trends

With past records and analytics to make wise decisions and avoid future risks.

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Expense Management Index #3

The Shift Of Expense Management Towards Green Mobility

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the third Index!

Exactly one year ago, Jenji launched the first Expense Management Index that revealed the pre and middle-Covid figures and evolutions.

Today, Jenji is launching the third Index, where the topic of green mobility in today ‘s companies’ agenda - particularly in the post-Covid era, has avery particular weight.

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