Hospitality, Food & Beverage

Whether you’re in Hospitality or F&B, you face many unique challenges when it comes to expense management.

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A moving industry

Navigating a real and changing blend of B2B and B2C accounting, you work with vendors, suppliers and clients directly. Your teams file expenses of varying sizes, and for diverse purposes. You need a solution that can address all of that, without making your life even more complicated.

What Jenji provides

Your challenges are unique


With Jenji, take advantage of an advanced AI-driven expense platform that automates workflows for submitting, validating and refunding expenses big and small.


With Jenji, enjoy a mobile, paperless solution that all your employees can use, regardless of their level of specialization.

They tried Jenji

Charles, CEO from Mobility Service Industry

"Jenji saves our employees enormous amounts of time by giving up on filing an expense report and just scanning receipts every time they receive it. With Jenji we could have facilitating accounting process way more quickly to reimburse our employees"


With Jenji, once your expenses are submitted, easily calculate VAT, spendings or any other custom metrics that you can export directly into your accounting system.


Stay proactive with Jenji’s Advisor Suite, where you’ll have access to personalized accompaniment when it comes to finances, tax and fraud. Jenji Studio helps you process all your data so you can understand the impact of your team’s spending.

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Here’s what Jenji can do for you

In your industry, there’s a lot to keep track of. With the Jenji platform and its suite of solutions, you’ll reveal real savings and ways to reduce spending across your day-to-day activities. Embrace the digital transformation and go beyond expense management with Jenji.


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Why are our customers satisfied with our expense report software?

“The introduction of Jenji made possible the implementation of certain processes, such as the splitting of deductible VAT, which complicated the lives of all employees and that we were able to give up.” 

Guillaume Faynel
Senior IT& Project Manager
MAN Truck & Bus

Jenji is the pioneering solution in our digital transformation process. The tool’s performance and the time saved for Keensight Capital's teams have convinced and encouraged us to actively pursue this approach beyond the management of expense reports.”

Adrian van Eydne
Chief Financial Officer
Keensight Capital

“The transition to paperless expense reports went very well. I found the tool easy to use. Since then, I do everything from my smartphone no matter where in the world I am.”

Annick Hayraud
Manager of the French Women's Rugby XV Team
French Rugby Federation

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