No more waiting! Probative archiving is now available for the Solo plan.

Since May 2017, it is now possible in France to paperlessly  your expense reports provided you use a certified Digital safe System.

Why bother with paper receipts?

With our Jenji Vault option, you can keep any type of receipt with probative value in your digital safe for 6 years. And it will satisfy all tax and URSSAF controls!

What is the Jenji Vault option?

Jenji and Docaposte, the digital subsidiary of Groupe La Poste, a specialist in dematerialization, have joined up to create the Jenji Vault option, which has been certified FNTC-TA in compliance with the NF Z42-013 standard.

From this partnership was born the Vault option, a digital safe that allows storage for evidentiary purposes. You thus remain in compliance with the legal framework. Your receipts, once scanned, are captured and managed in a process that complies with the regulatory requirements for reliable copying.

Scanned receipts are captured and processed according to regulatory requirements:

- Archived documents are guaranteed to be identical to the original paper receipt (no image processing or compression).
- The integrity of the files is preserved at the end of the digitization process (time stamping, electronic signature).
- Digital archiving must be carried out by a mandated third party.

The documents are stored in PDF format in a standard-certified Electronic Archiving System.

With Jenji Vault and our network of local e-Archiving approved partners you to be always compliant, today and tomorrow.


How do I subscribe to the Vaut option?

The Jenji Vault offer is available on a self-service basis for all Solo plans for company is registered in France. 

Billed at €6 excl. VAT/month, the Vault Solo option is non-binding and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

By subscribing to the Vault option, you will have access to 3 GB of probationary storage capacity, which corresponds to the archiving of at least 2,000 documents. 

/!\  The Vault Option is not retroactive,  you will still need to keep your pre-subscription receipts