A customised portal

Jenji Connect allows you to easily add a new user to your Jenji account in a few clicks.


A wide range of possibilities

A portal for every business

Jenji On Demand meets all the needs and configurations required by companies.


A new employee is joining your company?


A new consultant is hired for a specific period?


A volunteer comes to reinforce your teams for one-off or episodic missions?


A candidate incurs expenses as part of the recruitment process?

jenji connect

Customised & Adaptable

A wide range of possibilities

Only the "surname" and "first name" of the user are, by default, mandatory. Beyond these two pieces of information, everything can be customised. Jenji Connect is a very flexible solution: once added, any person from outside the company can create expenses on a one-off basis or over a given period. They are then sent to the manager in charge for validation.

A stronger brand image

Technology brings the employee experience into the open. Whether it is a source of satisfaction or irritation, the tools chosen must meet central needs. When users are external to the company, this is equally true. Jenji Connect allows you to configure the experience of each portal user according to their project, their profile, their group. Because yes, every detail counts when it comes to building loyalty.


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