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A tailored expense management solution

The Jenji platform brings value to all of your entire organization, at every level, operational or back office. From employees on the road, to accounting,  finance leader, HR or IT, all will benefit from a state of the art digital platform to manage your expenses. Rip the value that lies within your data and step into the era of intelligent spend management!




Stop wasting time storing paper and submitting receipts! With Jenji, get your expenses submitted, validated and reimbursed automatically in just a few seconds! 

Join the Jenji users community to discover why thousands of road warriors, workers and office employees rated us the top expense management app on the market!

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Human Resources Leader


Expense management and spend policy have a deep impact on employee satisfaction and motivation. Jenji seats at the heart of people retention strategy with a solution inclusive for all and easy to use. Keep your team happy while staying compliant with financial and audit constraints! 

Put behind the resource and time draining expense management function, and step into the new era of intelligent spend management.

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Accounting Leader


As an accounting leader, you know that getting expenses receipt approved and controlled is  a small portion of the expense management process. 

Calculating VAT, allocating expenses between accounts or cost centres, managing multiple charts of accounts, tax regulation, currency or customer expense invoicing…all of it can be done with Jenji the financial intelligence and accounting engine!

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Finance Leader


Left behind as a standalone silo, expense management solutions bring back limited value. Unlock the potential of your spend platform with an expense hub that performs intelligent analysis with data that lies within or beyond your ecosystem.

The result? You will improve VAT recovery, cost control, sales margin, cash flow and much more!

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IT Leader


Expense management digitalization is often seen as bringing low return on investment. 

At Jenji, we believe the opposite! 

Your expenses management process seats at the heart of your organization, impacting all departments at operational or back office level.

Build a data driven expense hub and unlock the value of your spend platform. Run intelligent correlation with data that seat within or beyond your organization border.

Get your IT department at the forefront of finance digital transformation!

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