Automated expense management

The Jenji mobile application provides employees with a convenient, intuitive and fast tool. Expenses are automatically submitted to their manager and VAT is calculated immediately. The automation serves all departments of the company and allows them to focus on strategic tasks.


A customised spending hub

Managing your expenses is completely transparent thanks to the automation of your data in a self-learning tool. You can now industrialise and streamline all your spend processes with an intuitive, user-centric solution tailored to your needs. By customising the solution to your industry and challenges, your internal organisation becomes more flexible.

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One data, one value

The analysis system at your disposal is AI-driven. With its OCR, the application recognises all information on a receipt or invoice - whether it is complete or not. The technology makes data extraction possible. The visibility on your expenses is complete, your controls simplified and efficient. The analyses are carried out in real time, so they reflect the reality of what is being spent in your company at that precise moment.


Time saving

As every job becomes more and more complex, automation is becoming more and more widespread. However, some manual tasks still require a disproportionate effort compared to their interest and should be automated in their turn. Whatever the business, technology must be a seamless relay.

Powerful and intuitive, Jenji has been specially designed for everyone: review of expenses by management, checking the conformity of receipts, making your expense report in one click... Automation makes life easier at all levels of the company. It is the ideal way to focus on your core business, whatever your mission within the company.

What you need to remember

Artificial Intelligence

Technology becomes a real guide and financial advisor. Control, taxation, fraud, VAT, no subject is left out.


The digital transformation of your company requires the integration of all existing systems. The solution dedicated to the management of your professional expenses is done without complexity.


The mobile application can be used anywhere, anytime. Your receipts are kept, stored and archived.


Why are our customers satisfied with our expense report software?

“The introduction of Jenji made possible the implementation of certain processes, such as the splitting of deductible VAT, which complicated the lives of all employees and that we were able to give up.” 

Guillaume Faynel
Senior IT& Project Manager
MAN Truck & Bus

Jenji is the pioneering solution in our digital transformation process. The tool’s performance and the time saved for Keensight Capital's teams have convinced and encouraged us to actively pursue this approach beyond the management of expense reports.”

Adrian van Eydne
Chief Financial Officer
Keensight Capital

“The transition to paperless expense reports went very well. I found the tool easy to use. Since then, I do everything from my smartphone no matter where in the world I am.”

Annick Hayraud
Manager of the French Women's Rugby XV Team
French Rugby Federation



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