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Simplify your business travels thanks to our expense management solution. Mobile, Jenji is accessible anywhere you and your employees need it. The solution aggregates all your data so that you can finally have a global vision on your travel and expense policy.

Travel & Expense Management

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When it comes to business travel, expenses can quickly become complex. Between the different types of expenses, the VAT rates and the foreign currencies, companies can easily get lost. To simplify and ease the process, an expense management solution integrated into your ecosystem can help you increase your efficiency and your ROI. Business travel will never be so easy.


Travel & Expense Management

Two different expertises

Travel and expense management are working closely. However, it doesn't mean you should adopt a solution including both. It is all about integration. By selecting and integrating a solution specifically conceived for expense management to another one for travel, you'll make sure to have the best expertise and a deeper analysis. Your data from both platforms will be perfectly aggregated and enriched so that you can get the most out of it.

What Jenji provides

International flexibility

Wherever collaborators do an expense, the app translates the information collected, converts foreign currencies and calculates the VAT recovery and per diem according to local regulations. Jenji automatically adapts to each country.

Real-time centralized data

By connecting and integrating your ecosystem to your expense management solution, you make sure to have a rich data. Jenji aggregates internal and external information to give you a real-time overview.

They tried Jenji

Gilles Lemoine, Sales Director, Surgitrac - Europe

"Jenji is a great tool for managing travel expenses. The ease of use is undeniable whatever the support: smartphone, laptop, tablet... Jenji is also perfectly adapted to the management of expenses for international travel."

Enhanced negotiation power

With the in-depth analyses, it becomes easy to understand your expense scheme and to identify the key vendors in your activity. Hotels, flight companies or booking platforms, negotiate discounts with providers and improve your spending pattern.

Expense policy control

The detailed review helps to understand your team's expenses, and the impact of your travel and expense policy. Jenji's solution brings control over budgets and forecasts future business travel expenses so that you can adjust your strategy when needed.

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Jenji is here for you

With its automated, customizable and flexible platform, Jenji can lighten your load when it comes to expense management and business travel. It’s an agile solution for managing, monitoring and streamlining your teams’ overall spending, no matter where everyone is located. Stay in control with Jenji.

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Why are our customers satisfied with our expense report software?

Accessible everywhere, I no longer need to keep my receipts in my wallet or in my pockets. I scan and that's it.

Toni Dias
General Manager

Most of the time, you only have to choose the category of the expense and the tags, everything else is automatic!

Pierric Debosschere

Tracking all the expenses easily and efficiently is so beneficial. It's amazing how the app can scan the taxes and total price paid!

Maninder Singh


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