ProwebCE: digitizing expense reports for greater efficiency


Encouraged by the digital transformation process it had begun to implement, ProwebCE expressed its wish to dematerialize professional expenses. This desire was also motivated by the (many) problems it encountered with the servers of its expense management platform. 

As employees were impacted by the expense report policy in place (rigid processes, overlong reimbursement times, etc.), ProwebCE decided to change its solution. The company, therefore, turned to Jenji, with the main goal in mind: to fully dematerialize its expense report management process.


About ProwebCE

ProwebCE, a subsidiary of Edenred, is the French market leader in communication, management, and social and economic committee (SEC) activities. It offers a unique digital solution to meet the needs of elected SEC (formerly works council) officials. 

We wanted to implement a fully digitized expense report management solution to save ourselves time and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

Julien Depuydt, Head of Accounting at ProwebCE.


An expense report policy not adapted to the structure

The biggest problem ProwebCE encountered before implementing the Jenji tool was its inadequate expense report management platform. In fact, the company was experiencing many problems with its old solution, which led to delays in reimbursing expense reports. These timings were particularly long: one and a half months on average! The employees were obviously adversely affected and had to advance substantial sums of money for some of them.

ProwebCE, therefore, decided to opt for a more flexible technological platform. The company was initially interested in a paperless solution that would allow it to save time and boost efficiency. ProwebCE also wanted to completely dispense with paper: when the expense reports were still sent by the Post Office, the accounting department had to do the sorting, scan the expense reports, then integrate them into the adapted software, and finally store them. This process was a real waste of time, in addition to posing logistical problems when it came to archiving documents.

Given ProwebCE’s needs (dematerialization and speed of processes, daily monitoring, easy archiving, etc.), a 100% digital and adaptable solution was preferred. 


A fully dematerialized solution, to save time and boost efficiency

The reimbursement period of one and a half months has been reduced to five days, with an accounting operation of one session per week to validate expense reports. As a result, the advances on expense reports that the company made before Jenji was implemented now only occasionally happen. Eliminating these advances has greatly facilitated the work of the accountants, who now have a near-real-time view of what’s coming in and going out. 

ProwebCE, who wanted to move quickly on this project, particularly needed responsiveness. The tool was therefore implemented quickly with support for the company’s specific needs. During implementation, the support and operational service enabled smooth and seamless adoption for users. 

Now the validation workflow is simple: first, the accounting department validates the compliance of the expense, then the direct manager provides the final validation to avoid accounting errors. This fully dematerialized process has met with a very positive response from employees. 

The time-consuming tasks of integrating expense reports into the accounting software and archiving have been eliminated, resulting in increased productivity. By reducing the manual steps ProwebCE also sought to secure all the processes, which Jenji’s solution allows. 


Fewer paper printouts: digitizing processes for greater security

With Jenji’s solution, ProwebCE has been able to free itself from paper and related constraints and adopt a higher level of security. 

The company is particularly glad that it no longer has to print so much, which in the long term was a waste of time and efficiency. Thanks to the Jenji Vault option, ProwebCE can now archive all its supporting documents online in compliance with the legal framework. Moreover, in the event of a tax audit, the accounting department has access to the archives in real-time. This is an easy solution compared to the old processes, which were both complex and time-consuming. 

The storage of expense reports in an electronic vault has therefore completed the digitization process for ProwebCE, which now values its flexibility and agility. 


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