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How to submit business mileage for reimbursement

What is Mileage Reimbursement Business owners and consumers have taxes on the brain again. Enjoying tax savings can feel intimidating, but taking advantage of the deductions available doesn't have to be confusing. For example, workers may often consider writing off the mileage they incur for their employment, and employers also find value in these deductions.

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Leveraging Data Analytics to Fight Fraud

Understanding Fraud In 2020, more than 2.1 million fraud reports were received by the Federal Trade Commission from consumers. As a result, fighting fraud continues to be on the mind of consumers and businesses everywhere.

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"Jenji collected nearly 300 survey responses from across APAC"

Late 2021 Jenji launched the expense management survey in APAC region. On January 27th the survey findings were reviewed by a leading global news provider "Newswire", who discussed the insights and key findings of Jenji Survey in the following article. "2021 Jenji collected nearly 300 survey responses from across APAC, with almost 60% respondents in finance functions such as accountants, financial controllers and HR managers who have direct insights into their company's expense practices. Most of the responses came from Singapore, China, Thailand and the Philippines, and the majority of the companies have less than 1,000 employees." Read this article to find out more information about key findings from Expense management survey.

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How to Track Your Small Business Expenses in 4 Easy Steps

Sometimes it is a real struggle for many small businesses to keep operating costs under control. In fact, paying operating expenses was the most common financial problem identified in the Federal Reserve's Small Business Lending Survey, with 47 percent of business owners saying they would be forced to use personal funds if revenue was not received within two months.

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