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This series highlights the current business world. Through interviews, Jenji Talks speakers address the subject of innovation, technology and fintech companies.

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What is Jenji Talks

A human touch

In this ever-changing environment, companies are constantly and rapidly evolving, changing their activity and processes. Both professional and inspiring, Jenji Talks will highlight current topics by giving a voice to those who are involved.

Our objective is to show how people are changing business, and what they are doing on a daily basis to have an impact. At its heart, Jenji Talks is about people and the human experience.

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Jenji talks interviews

Discover season 2

After a remarkable first season, Jenji Talks series continues to present to you experts in a second season. This season will be filled with interviews around two themes: 

"B2B Fintech" where CEOs discuss their businesses and their practices, as well as the impact of new financial technology on the world.

"People & Tech" where experts from differents sectors talk about their work environment and management practices, based on innovation and new technologies. 


Alexandre louisy

B2B Fintech

Alexandre Louisy

The co-founder and CEO at Upflow tell us about how B2B payments have evolved in the fast changing area of Fintech.

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Aurélie Clerc (2)

People & Tech

Aurélie Clerc

The managing director at Cyber Booster tell us about how securing exchanges and activities, especially digital ones, is essential to guarantee the sovereignty of companies.

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Clara Goldscheider

Clara Goldscheider

Digital Campaigns and Innovation Manager, Unicef France

Alexandre Torbay

Alexandre Torbay

Co-founder, Keewe

Samia Ghozlane

Samia Ghozlane

Managing Director, Graned Ecole du Numérique

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Arnaud weiss

Arnaud Weiss

The CEO of Hey Axel gets to the heart of what the Covid-19 pandemic means for keeping a team working together.

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Selma Chauvin
Louise-Marie Véron
Etienne & Nicolas
Charlotte Gaudin

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