Jenji Talks Season #2

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Jenji Talks launches its podcast series. Through interviews, we focus on one specific topic: Women In Finance. 
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Jenji Talks Podcast

Women in Finance

Did you know that only 21% of women work in the finance industry?

Along with a transparent and dynamic discussion, we provide short and interesting personal conversations with women experts in the finance world. They are all sharing their learnings: how to build a career in finance and get over pain points or opportunities along the way.

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Muriel Avignon

Podcast 1

Be a strong women and dare

In this episode, Muriel explains how to be a strong women in the fintech industry. She is a great example of this kind, who is pursuing her career dreams and dares to ask. In the following episode she is sharing with us about her experiences and her path in finance.

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Podcast 2

Help women contribute to your success

In this episode, Nadine talks about her vision of finance. For her, success in finance means managing talent and helping others, but it also means knowing how to impose oneself.

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Margaux Gregoir (2)

Podcast 3

Create diversity in your team is key

In this episode, Margaux talks about diversity in business and how it is a strength for women but most generally for any business with strong ambitions.

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Olfa Zorgati Podcast

Podcast 4

Recruit on the potential, not on the background

In this episode, Olfa shares her vision of the current work environment and talks about the inequalities between women and men. But thanks to the open new generation, things are changing fast.

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Pauline sauvage (2)

Pauline Sauvage

Pauline is external CFO at Back Market

Claire Somer

Claire Somer

Claire is Finance Director at Upflow

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