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Jenji Studio

The intelligent analysis tool

Exploit the hidden potential of your expense data. By analyzing and matching them with external information, you can make the most out of your expenses and optimize processes and policy.

A simple operation

Like the mobile application, the analysis tool is ergonomic and easy to use. There is no need for advanced technical skills. The tool allows visual exploration of your financial data and the implementation of an alert and security system.


An automatic analysis

Jenji Studio is an advanced audit and reporting module. It allows you to analyse and make use of all your data to optimise your expenses, identify fraud attempts and refine your budget forecasts. The platform is updated in real time to detect any inconsistencies in the data. Each report can be customised according to the analytical needs of each department, entity or country.


A deep understanding

By integrating all your external and internal data, Jenji enables you to transform a cost centre into a profit centre. Each piece of information is correlated to your organisation's expenses. The artificial intelligence used in Studio allows end-users to configure any type of report allowing them to be more effective and efficient in the interpretation of their data.


Jenji Studio in 3 words


The data is enriched with external elements.

Visual exploration

Results can be visualized as preferred for a deeper understanding.

Decision support

The real time analysis combined with AI helps in the decision process.


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