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Jenji Platform

The expense solution you need

Jenji Platform brings together all the tools necessary to deploy and manage the best expense management solution for your organization. More than a simple expense report software, Jenji Platform goes beyond expense from the capture of an expense to the global analysis and predictions.

All-in-one tool

By gathering a set of modules, Jenji Platform makes sure to bring a complete solution to deal with professional expenses. Documents scan, digital archiving or intelligent analysis are some of the possibilities encompassed in our solution, accessible both on the Jenji Mobile App or the Web App. Jenji Platform offers a customized expense management solution to answer your specific needs.


What Jenji Platform provides

Characters recognition

Dematerialize your expense reports. Our technology extracts data from your receipts and record it from a simple scan.

Duplicate detection

Control your company's expenses in real time and be informed when duplicates and other anomalies are detected.

Mileage calculation

Evaluate your travel expenses in compliance with the latest regulations.

Data enrichment

Export and recover all your data in a simple way and in different formats.

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Mobile app

Expense reporting on the go

The Jenji mobile application is convenient, intuitive and fast. Native on both iOS and Android, it provides optimum performance. The app makes it easy to record even complex cases such as mileage allowances, and uses OCR and a built-in translator to ensure that your domestic and international expenses are as streamlined as possible.

VAT is automatically calculated and employee expenses are submitted to their managers for validation, giving them real-time control.

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Web app

Expense recording and analysis

The Jenji web application is a powerful, multi-faceted tool. It is automatically synchronised to your mobile application, but also integrated within your ecosystem as your financial and HR software.

You can use your web app to simply add expenses, but also to track, control and validate your employees' expenses. The platform can be personalized to your needs to highlight the key information and you need and help you taking decisions.

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Our solutions

Ease your Expense Management

Jenji Pay

Jenji Pay is automatically integrated into your Jenji Platform. Flexible, easy to use and secure, it is the perfect solution to optimise the management of your business expenses.

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Jenji Vault

Jenji Vault allows you to comply with the legal framework. The documents are dematerialized and safely stored in a digital safe. It saves time and storage space, but also printing and carbon emissions

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Jenji Studio

Jenji Studio allows you to analyze your data to optimize your expenses, identify fraud attempts and refine your budget forecasts. Integrate your internal and external data to generate reports that can be customized for the analytical needs of each department, entity or country.

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Jenji Connect

Jenji Connect enables you to easily onboard and manage all your non-employee expenses. Integrated directly into your Jenji Platform for the duration you need, these external expenses are submitted for validation. Consultant, volunteers, temporary workers... keep control on any expense incurred.

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Jenji Advisor Suite

Jenji provides you with deep insights to help you understand the impact of your expense policy, optimize your budgeting, and your strategic decisions. Get proactive, intelligent advice with the Jenji Advisor Suite.

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