Jenji Connect

Manage non-employee expenses

Onboard and manage all your non-employee expenses easily. Gathered in a unique platform, they remain accessible and controllable in one sight.
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Adaptation to your team

A customized tool for your collaborators

Jenji Connect is a very flexible solution: once added, any person from outside the company can create expenses on a one-off basis or over a given period. They are then sent to the manager in charge for validation.

Technology brings better employee experience. The tools chosen must meet central needs and be a source of satisfaction. Jenji Connect allows you to configure the experience of each portal user according to their project, their profile, their group.

A wide range of possibilities

A portal for every business


A new consultant is hired for a specific period?

Temporary worker

A temporary worker joins your team for a short period?


A candidate incurs expenses as part of the recruitment process?


A volunteer comes to reinforce your teams for one-off or episodic missions?


Jenji connects in 3 words


External users can be integrated in a few clicks and for the duration needed.


The process is simple to guarantee an easy expense submission.


Managers have a global view on the expenses incurred which all are submitted for validation.


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