A real match with your strategy

Digital transformation starts with you. As a modern-day Chief Information Officer (CIO), you have the opportunity to drive the evolution of the finance and HR functions. The expense management solution you use must match the strategic direction you have chosen. With our SaaS solution, create a management hub for all your expenses and fully utilize the value of your data.
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A close companion

Jenji's expense management solution serves all employees in all departments. Whether you're working for HR, finance, and accounting or in production facilities, you need a tool to safely manage your spending and increase employee productivity! Jenji provides a state-of-the-art cloud solution that can quickly be deployed across all your organizations.

Get your internal customers happy, get it done safely, quickly, and increase productivity!


Enhanced security

To date, Jenji is the only player that offers an expense management solution that complies with government security requirements in Europe. Our clouds are secure and fully encrypted. Our digital safes, containing your receipts and invoices, comply with all local regulations to remain opposable to the Tax Office.

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Save your time

It's time to focus on what really matters.

With an automated expense management platform, businesses and employees go beyond the tedious and time-consuming business expenses.

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Interconnection with all your systems

Data security is a major concern for all corporate IT departments. Thanks to a single sign-on, called SSO, you can use the mobile & web application in complete security. Your data is interconnected. Synchronization, whatever the tool used, is immediate.



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