A cross-sectional improvement

Jenji is technological agility. It allows you to harvest the value that lies in your business expenses. With Jenji, you will benefit from a platform that is always available, secure, and compliant with every need you have.

An integrated ecosystem

With pre-built connectors that can be used in the various ERP systems on the market, the synchronization of your data is secure and automated. Jenji integrates with your ecosystem, not the other way around, and consolidates payment solutions, treasury, accounting departments or productivity tools.

Jenji meets the needs of your different departments. And when the solution found corresponds to everyone's expectations and when the support is total, the transformation naturally begins. Opt for technological agility and get rid of any complexity.


A 360° view

By aggregating your internal and external data, Jenji allows you to harvest the value that lies in your business expenses and to have a clear and complete understanding.

From the upstream, all your expenses will be automatically synchronized. Control and detection are done in real-time. Monitoring and reporting are communicated to all departments for perfect visibility and a realistic state of your financial situation in real-time. It allows you to have a precise financial policy and to transform a cost center into a profit center.

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Artificial Intelligence

Simplify all the processes. Jenji analyzes and controls your data.

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Save your time. Jenji provides you with an efficient, intuitive, and fast tool.

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