A long-awaited expense management solution

For more ease and speed, we provide you with a mobile application as well as a Web App. Your expense reports are submitted, validated and reimbursed automatically. From now on, there is no need to keep your paper receipts. One thing is key: efficiency.
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An intuitive, simple and effective application

Your smartphone and nothing else! You scan your receipts in 3 seconds and send your expense report. We take care of extracting all the information needed to process it. It is then submitted to your manager for approval and you are informed in real time of the reimbursement of your expenses. The days of lost receipts or rejected expense reports are over.


A contextualised spending

Paper receipts, digital invoices, per diems, training or mileage expenses can be submitted at any time, in real time or at a frequency that suits you. The nature of the expense does not pose any processing problems. For example, a mileage calculation is made with the integration of Google Maps, and the control and validation are automatic. You can easily comply with your company's expenditure policy.

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Save your time

It's time to focus on what really matters.

With an automated expense management platform, businesses and employees go beyond the tedious and time-consuming business expenses.

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A solution for everyone

The Jenji interface has been built around one imperative from the outset: to create a solution that can be used by everyone and deployed to 100% of the user's perimeter, regardless of their specificities. Each user can take advantage of all the accessibility features such as VoiceOver, dynamic text size increase, transparency and contrast reduction, colour blind display or Dark mode.


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Expense management in the age of remote work

The transition to remote work took most businesses by surprise and left them no time to adjust to these new ways of working. In a world where virtual Zoom meetings and Cloud sharing are the home office norm, employers need to strongly digitalize management processes.  How to do it?

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