A smart management

Jenji's solution is convenient, intuitive and fast. Processes are automated in order to decrease managers and collaborators' tasks related to expenses. So that you can finally focus on the core of your activity.

Time saving

Some manual tasks still require a disproportionate effort compared to their interest. Whatever the business, technology must be a seamless relay.

Automation allow you to streamline all your spend processes and collects of data. Tailored to your industry, challenges and organisation, the Jenji solution is intuitive and user-centric to simplify work at all levels of the company.

Expense review, conformity check, VAT calculation, analysis... most steps are automated. You can now manage your data and expenses in a self-learning tool while focusing on your core business, regardless of your mission within the company.


A complete data coverage

With its augmented OCR, the Jenji solution captures and recognizes each information from your receipts or invoices - whether it is complete or not. The technology makes data extraction possible.

The visibility on your expenses is complete, your controls simplified and efficient. The analyses are carried out in real time, so they reflect the reality of what is being spent in your company at that precise moment.

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Simplify all the process. Jenji analyzes and controls your data.

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